Our passion is that you smile again

40 Years of Excellence

The Aesthetic and Dental Health Center is a high quality dental center, a very modern working concept in which every detail contributes to the functionality of the whole. We combine cutting-edge technology with methods that offer wonderful results in both preventive and cosmetic dentistry.

Our objective is to provide our patients with the joy and self confidence of a perfect smile. We are a group of professional experts with innovative ideas on service and technical quality. The Aesthetic and Dental Health Center: an institution that seeks to perfect "The Art of the Smile!"

A beautiful smile is an attribute that provides confidence, transmits a healthy lifestyle, and reflects a love of life. At The Aesthetic and Dental Health Center, there is a passion is to restore your natural smile, which will make you happy, confident, and able to enjoy life again.

Following treatment, you'll be able to speak and laugh with confidence, and eat with comfort and security. For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Eduardo Di Salvo has dedicated himself to the care and protection of his patients' dental health and well being. Under his leadership, the Center's professional staff is constantly researching new state-of-the-art techniques, as quickly as they are introduced in the dental science world.

The latest techniques and procedures are employed, both those designed to address existing dental diseases and problems, as well as to provide innovative preventative methods.

Dr. Di Salvo and his staff are trained to excellence, and they are fully competent and experienced to do whatever is needed to restore your beautiful smile. You can be assured of that the dental attention you receive will be of the highest quality.

Our Services

You, as a patient, are most important to us. We will discuss your personal needs privately
and comprehensively, and will mutually agree on the course of treatment.


An attractive smile is an important social resource.

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The most effective way to replace lost teeth is with a dental implant.

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The most effective way to replace lost teeth is with a dental implant.

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The best way to have a perfect and healthy smile is to always take care of it as a child.

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Dr. DiSalvo's History

- Graduate on the Odontolgy University U.B.A. (year 1978).
- Incorporated to the Argentine Navy like lieutenant of Frigate from 1 of January of 1980 to 1 of December of 1984.
- Leader of Odontolgy of the Ship Icebreakers Admiral Irizar until 1984.
- Title accredited in Spain the 24 of January of 1990 like Lawyer.
- Leader of the company Omint S.A. of services of health from 1984 to 1991.
- Leader of the Qualitas company from 1998 to 2004.
- Associate to the team of the Dr. Jorge Crespo Uriburu from 1998.
- Provider of the OSDE company from 2006 to date with the specialty of endodontics.
- OSDE company provider since 2018 to date as general dentist.
- Member of the GNYDM - Greater New York Dental Meeting - from 2012 to date.
- Lifetime member of the AOA, Argentine Dental Association since October 2019.
- Exerting the Aesthetic Center of and Dental Health where I dedicate with my equipment, to the following specialties:
• General clinic
• Endodoncia
• Rehabilitation
• Prevention
• Esthetic
• Dental cleaning
• Implants



Dr. Eduardo Di Salvo

Arenales 1630, CABA


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Dr. Di Salvo | Aesthetic & Dental Health Center
Arenales 1630, CABA

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